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White Mage, Final Fantasy

This was my only spur-of-the-moment cosplay I've done and it was inspired by fan art. I wanted a cosplay that was easy and fun to wear. I love that I can turn the cosplay level up or down very easily on this dress and it is still recognizable. My sister joins me as black mage to make us a spellcasting duo!

Tiny Tina, Borderlands 2

My first crack at sewing a cosplay. The best part of starting to learn with this cosplay is that I wasn't suppose to have straight lines or too much symmetry. Tiny Tina is dear to my heart and I still pull it out every year for the DragonCon parade. It's a character I can easily slip into and I enjoy getting to wear one of my first cosplays every year.

Here is a sampling of cosplays I've had the joy of completing. To see more photos in better resolution, visit my DeviantArt page.

Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Moon

My dream cosplay. When I first started cosplay, I didn't think I would have the talent to put this together. Good news is, I had the time to learn. It is a favorite of mine to wear, especially in hot weather!